What if you didn't have to choose?

Police career or mental health? Job or your marriage? If you aren't happy with the sacrifices you've made so far, then it's never too late to make a change.

Learn how to thrive in your life + career in my new wellness course for officers and their loved ones.

Now you can  take control of your future rather than becoming another statistic.

"Whatever you do, make sure you go home."

Have you heard that advice from a fellow cop?

My question is, "What then?"

So what if you make it home...technically, physically in one piece but your life is falling apart, your marriage is falling apart, you are unhealthy, and can't enjoy life?!

Watch Your Six: Because Making It Home is Just the Beginning moves beyond information to implementation. 

I don't simply talk about the issues we are facing in this profession, but provide you with real solutions...steps that you can take right now to make change happen in your life. 

This course has inspired positive change in the lives of officers across the nation, and now it is at your fingertips.

*This online version of the course is based upon the 4-hour curriculum, and contains videos that are broken down into convenient segments.

When you sign up, you'll receive:

  • Lifetime course access so you can always reference these proven steps for building resilience.

  • Battle-tested advice that has helped officers and spouses just like you recover from crisis and learn to thrive.

  • A comprehensive approach to wellness that speaks to your whole person - mind, body, soul, and spirit.

  • Step-by-step guidance to developing a personal action plan that consists of goals you can actually implement and accomplish immediately.

  • Over $499 value if you were to attend this training in-person and hire a life coach to walk you through goal development (not including travel costs).

  • A 30-day money back guarantee so there's absolutely no risk to you.

The course goes live on Cyber Monday, November 30, 2020 and you can gain immediate access when it does.

For a limited time, you can pre-purchase the course for a drastically reduced price of $99.

The price will increase after it goes live.

**Yes, you can purchase the course now and give it as a gift to the officer in your life!**

Gift the Course!

This will be the best gift your officer receives!

Watch Intro Video

This is the only class I have ever taken that did not focus on the problems only and leave you without hope. It was full of hope, solutions, and actions to take to resolve the difficult issues life brings. Jonathan is gifted and called to bring solutions to the law enforcement community.

- Course Participant at National C.O.P.S. Conference on Wellness

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Meet Your Instructor

    • Getting the Most from this Course

    • How Do You Eat an Elephant?

    • Download: My Personal Action Plan

  • 2


    • The Night My Wife Died

    • You Know Him as the Tin Man

    • You Made it Home...Now What?

    • What's Really Going On?

    • The Watch Your Six Concept

    • Download: Discussion and Reflection

  • 3

    Mental Health

    • A Little Background

    • Heroes Like Rambo

    • A Year After My Wife Died

    • You Are Not Expendable

    • Mental Health and Your Agency

    • The Starfish Thrower

  • 4

    Marital Health

    • Those Little Blue Soap Bullets

    • Why Marriage Should Matter More to Cops

    • My Personal Life is None of Your Business

    • Not an Either-Or Proposition

    • The Balancing Act (Part 1)

    • The Balancing Act (Part 2)

    • The Balancing Act (Part 3)

    • Stop Trying to Agree

    • Is Your Marriage in Crisis?

  • 5

    Muscle Health

    • Worse than a Middle Schooler

    • Three Components of Muscle Health

    • A Bonus Component of Muscle Health

    • My Motivation for Change - I Bleed Gravy

    • The Game Changers | Official Trailer

    • An Easy Homework Assignment

  • 6

    Money Health

    • A $29 Cup of Coffee

    • Understanding the Money Cycle

    • Financial First Aid for First Responders

  • 7

    Missional Health

    • Sucker Punched by Service Points

    • The Noble Calling

    • Are You on the Blacklist?

  • 8

    Ministry Health

    • Like Bob Dylan Says...

    • The Components of Spiritual Health

  • 9

    Becoming Resilient in Six Steps

    • Seth Franco's "Small" Problem

    • Like an Old Western Showdown

    • Trust the Process Enough to Follow It

    • Insight: On Mentoring and Healthy Self Disclosure

    • Bonus: "Six Tips" E-Book Download

  • 10

    Your Personal Action Plan

    • SMART Goals are the Goal

    • Walking Through the Personal Action Plan

    • Bonus: Are You Ready to Make Change Happen?

  • 11

    Next Steps

    • Congratulations! Don't Forget...

    • The Watch Your Six Podcast

    • Course Evaluation

Bonus Material

The Watch Your Six course includes these bonus resources for no additional cost!

  • Personal Action Plan

    Download the personal action plan to guide your learning, take notes, and strategically develop SMART goals that can be implemented immediately to make change happen in your life.

  • E-Booklet Download

    Course participants have access to download an 11-page booklet that contains six tips - action steps - that lead to resilience and will help you work through a personal crisis.

  • Discussion and Reflection Guide

    Enhance learning with this guide filled with questions for personal reflection or discussion. Engage with a significant other or create a discussion group with others who have enrolled in the course.

Pre-Order Now!

Watch Your Six will launch on Cyber Monday, November 30, 2020. For a limited time, pre-order the course at an incredibly reduced price of $99. The price will increase once the course launches.

How is this course different?

There are other courses that address various aspects of wellness for first responders, but none is as comprehensive, practical, and exciting. Here are a few reasons Watch Your Six is unlike any training course you have experienced.

  • This course is tailored to you and your specific needs through the development of a personal action plan. Research suggests resilience training is ineffective unless officers believe it can be applied to their lives in useful ways.

  • Jonathan is a fellow cop who has an amazing gift for communicating. He understands the challenges of the job, and has the ability to communicate in a way that connects.

  • Spouses and other loved ones are encouraged to participate. They provide vital support and are also affected by the job, but are often forgotten or excluded from wellness training.

  • Learning has never been more convenient. Learn at your pace, on your schedule, and on any electronic device with access to the internet.

Meet Your Instructor

Jonathan Parker

The night my wife died changed everything...

In 2008, I was a rookie cop celebrating the birth of our daughter when my wife, Meredith, experienced cardiac arrest. I performed CPR for over 8 minutes until paramedics arrived. She was airlifted to a trauma hospital where we prayed for a positive outcome.

In the days that followed, I learned what it meant to be part of the thin blue line. From meals to donated personal time, my brothers and sisters stood by my side. 

From that day, I determined to take care of others the way I was supported in my time of need.

I've served in full time law enforcement since 2007 and have received numerous awards including two life-saving awards, and was named "Officer of the Year" twice while serving with the Chattanooga Police Department. 

I presently serve as the Lead Chaplain and Peer Support Coordinator for the Hamilton County, TN Sheriff's Office. I'm trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) and I'm a member of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).

I've spoken at conferences, seminars, churches, and agencies nationwide for over 17 years. During that time, I've learned to thrive in a profession that loves to chew us up and spit us out. 

My goal is to help others...you and your loved ones...learn to thrive in life and a career in law enforcement.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Watch Your Six online course, contact Jonathan within 30 days of the course launch date (November 30, 2020) and you will be given a full refund. There's no risk and much to gain!

Is this course POST certified?

Watch Your Six has been presented nationwide, and has been certified in several states. If you are looking for credit from your agency, present these learning objectives. Law enforcement trainers can contact Jonathan for additional documentation to assist your efforts for obtaining approval in your state.

  • Develop a foundational awareness of the six most vulnerable areas of life that we should be intentional about guarding for wellness and resiliency.

  • Learn strategies for fostering wellness in both your personal and professional life, even if your agency seems resistant to change.

  • Formulate a personal action plan with SMART goals that you can implement immediately for wellness.

Can our agency purchase this course?

Yes! If you would like to make this course available to the members of your agency, please contact Jonathan at info@JonathanOParker.com for more information.

  • Bulk pricing based upon the size of your agency.

  • Jonathan will provide additional documentation to assist with receiving approval through your state's certifying agency.

  • Facilitate training with ease. No travel arrangements for the instructor, no training facility reservations, no need to flex staffing for training.

  • Providing wellness resources can boost morale, improve work performance, and offer an additional layer of wellness support to supplement programs such as peer support.

Are you ready to make change happen?

Don't become a statistic. Take the first step towards a better life in law enforcement today!

What others are saying...

Sgt. Bill Balafas (Ret.)

Gilbert, AZ Police Department

Jonathan's presentation has the ability to save careers, marriages, families, and lives. The course critiques from our staff were overwhelmingly positive and appreciative. Many employees asked to have him return to teach again.

Lt. Jody Mays (Ret.)

Hamilton County, TN Sheriff's Office

Jonathan’s unique subject matter and passionate delivery have been inspirational to our officers. As both a Trainer for this agency and a student in classes he has conducted, I can attest to his outstanding professionalism, depth of knowledge, and natural instructional ability.

Watch Your Six Course Participant

National C.O.P.S. Conference 2017

I've been a cop for 22 years and I've participated in numerous trainings. Officer Parker is one of the best presenters I have seen.

Don't Wait Another Day

You aren't going crazy. You aren't weak. You are worth the investment, and your family - blood and blue - is counting on you!